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Andalusia is the main region

goat milk producer in Spain


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The great gastronomic variety of the south is completed with the uniqueness and excellence of Andalusian cheeses, whose aroma and flavor are a direct consequence of the excellent quality of the milk used, from the native breeds of goats and sheep raised in the nature of our mountains and hills. 

Cheeses with a strong personality, the result of popular wisdom and the farmers of each area, where tradition, craftsmanship and innovation come together to achieve an excellent product. 


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Beekeeping activity is present in all eight provinces and has a large annual production, which represents one fifth of the total produced in Spain.

The natural and floral richness of Andalusia allows obtaining a great variety of types of honey, the most representative are: thyme honey, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, chestnut, almond, orange blossom, loquat and avocado.

Beekeeping is essential for the maintenance of biodiversity and the conservation of flora and fauna, thanks to the pollination work carried out by bees in wild ecosystems and on cultivated land in the area.

Manzanilla, Gordal and Aloreña

Table Olives

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Spain is the world leader in olive production and exports, with Andalusia accounting for more than 80% of national production and exports.

The main varieties grown are manzanilla de Sevilla, hojiblanca and gordal de Sevilla, followed at a great distance by aloreña, verdial de Huevar, lechín de Sevilla, arbequina and picual.

Table olives are harvested using the milking technique, the oldest and most artisanal system of all, which involves the green workers picking the olives by hand one by one, a meticulous process that seeks to minimize damage to the fruit and the tree, preserving all of the olive's properties.

The province of Seville has the largest Andalusian production, with its manzanilla and gordal de Sevilla varieties, which have the European quality label Protected Geographical Indication, followed by Cordoba with the hojiblanca variety and Malaga with the aloreña olive, where the first Protected Designation of Origin of this product in Spain is located.