Sello de Calidad para Bebidas de Andalucía



The millenary tradition of vine cultivation and winemaking dates back to the first civilizations settled in this land. Multiple factors such as the orography, a typically Mediterranean climate and the strategic position between two seas have given rise to a wide range of wine products with unique characteristics and excellent quality with a great reputation worldwide.

Traditional Andalusian wines can be considered unique in the world. The albariza type soil and the system of criaderas and soleras gives it its own characteristics, but at the same time the different types of grapes(Palomino, Pedro Ximénez, Moscatel or Zalema), predominant in the different territories, together with the biologic aging (under flor veil) or oxidative, originate a variety of wines of exceptional quality such as: manzanilla, fino, amontilladado, palo cortado, oloroso, PX and moscatel.

Most of these wines are covered by the historical Designations of Origin existing in Andalusia: Jerez, Manzanilla de Sanlúcar, Montilla-Moriles, Condado de Huelva and Málaga, although more recently we must also highlight the strength of the white or red wines represented especially in the Designations of Origin Granada and Sierra de Málaga.



Due to the origin of the raw material to be distilled, the wine finds in Andalusia a differential factor, using casks made of fortified wines for its long aging.

The nuances that a fino, amontillado, oloroso or PX wine leaves in a butt, after having been stored for at least three years, are transferred to the brandy, giving them a color, aroma and flavor that make them unique and unrepeatable.

Brandy de Jerez is a tremendously versatile beverage, which can be enjoyed in many ways. It is also used in cooking, giving dishes that "magical" component that elevates them to levels of exquisiteness.

The noblest distilled beverage

One of the star condiments of gastronomy.



The history of Andalusian vinegars is intimately linked to the history of the wines from which they originate. A unique dressing of exceptional quality, its high aromatic concentration and versatility make it an essential ingredient in kitchens all over the world.

Even in small doses, it provides unique aromas and nuances, becoming an essential ingredient in a multitude of recipes, dressings or reductions.

Andalusia boasts vinegars protected by historical Designations of Origin such as Jerez, Condado de Huelva and Montilla-Moriles.



The mineral-medicinal waters have been used by mankind since time immemorial due to their healing and beneficial properties for health, the water of the aquifers of Andalusia is of excellent quality.
The natural areas of origin of these waters are preserved to guarantee the purity of their waters, establishing protection perimeters where human, industrial and livestock activities are controlled so that they do not affect the quantity or quality of the natural mineral water in the aquifers.