Certificado de Calidad de Andalucía para Productos Pesqueros

As they are caught in fishing grounds close to the port where they are landed, they have an unsurpassed level of freshness. 

They provide a specific type of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals and incorporate amino acids essential for life that the body cannot synthesize.

Fish and aquaculture products have three major advantages: they are natural, healthy and easily digestible.

The only land on the peninsula bathed by two great seas, gives us the privilege of enjoying a diversity and quality of fishery products unique in Europe. 

From our 25 fish markets, in addition to those obtained through aquaculture, we obtain an extraordinary variety of families and species of fish and shellfish that are part of our culture and our way of life.

The Protected Geographical Indications guarantee the high quality of the 'Caballa de Andalucía', 'Melva de Andalucía', 'Mojama de Barbate' and 'Mojama de Isla Cristina', the only ones of their kind in Spain registered in the European Union.

The mojama is recognized by the national market as a gourmet product, characterized by its careful elaboration, high price and selective consumption.

Andalusia has a long seafaring tradition and a close relationship between its inhabitants and the sea. The environmental sustainability of fishing in the region seeks harmony between economic and social benefits, as well as for marine biodiversity. 

Artisanal fishing is very present along the Andalusian coast, with simpler and more traditional methods of capture, respecting marine ecosystems, promoting the development and wealth of coastal communities.

New approaches to fisheries management envisage the sea as a renewable but not infinite resource, and greater respect for the environment is necessary, allowing for the future of species, the fishing sector and the marine environment.

Traditional artisanal fishing is part of our historical culture