Certificado de Calidad de Andalucía: Panadería y Pastelería

Bread is necessary on a daily basis in our diet to enrich it, it is an important energy source in the form of complex carbohydrates. In addition, we must not forget that it is a fundamental part of our popular gastronomy, present in many of the elaborations of Andalusian recipes such as salmorejo, migas, gazpacho, ajo blanco...

Andalusian sweets and pastries are made from four basic ingredients: flour, fat (extra virgin olive oil or lard), sugar and/or eggs. They are foods that provide complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals and other nutrients of great nutritional value, besides being a good source of energy. Made with top quality ingredients, they are natural and healthy, as well as delicious.

Andalusia, one of the regions with the strongest tradition

Andalusia has a rich confectionery tradition, synonymous with the effort and commitment of each generation of confectioners to maintain traditional recipes and improve the quality of their products, combining innovation and tradition.

Influenced by Andalusian cuisine, Andalusian pastries have honey, nuts and almonds as their main ingredients. In addition to the spices that give it its characteristic flavor: sesame seeds, cinnamon, anise, anise, orange juice... 

The best quality natural raw materials and the careful processing from the beginning of the handling to the packaging guarantee a homemade, handmade and natural taste of the products. 

Handcrafted delicacies

Each town or region of Andalusia has its own typical sweets, which in turn are linked to certain dates, religious festivals and carnivals.

The totally handmade character of these products, the raw materials and the respect for manual processes in the elaboration of these centenary recipes represent a commitment to employment in the sector, where the work of the bakeries is irreplaceable. Tradition and experience make it possible to preserve the extraordinary uniqueness of these sweets.

Andalusia has several bakery and confectionery products protected by different figures of differentiated quality: Mollete de Antequera, Mantecados de Estepa, Polvorones de Estepa, Pan de Alfacar and Alfajor de Medina Sidonia.