Frutas y Hortalizas con Sello de Calidad de Andalucía

Fruits and vegetables from our land are fundamental products in our diet and one of the pillars of the so-called Mediterranean Diet.

5 servings per day is the minimum ration of fruits and vegetables recommended by the scientific and medical community in a healthy diet, due to their potential beneficial effect on health.

Although they are very varied, fruits and vegetables share very similar nutritional benefits; they are a natural source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

More than 500 million consumers.

An authentic explosion of flavor thanks to the extraordinary quality of its production. In Andalusia it is produced 365 days a year, both in outdoor and protected crops.

They can be consumed in multiple ways and at any time of the day. Our gastronomy has a multitude of recipes where they are the protagonists, such as salads, gazpacho, stews...

Andalusia leads in exports

horticultural products in Spain

Traditions and the knowledge learned from experimentation make the Andalusian countryside a benchmark in the agricultural sector, where every year new initiatives are implemented with the main challenge of a more environmentally friendly production, contributing to the mitigation of climate change.

Sustainability in the fruit and vegetable sector must also encompass other perspectives beyond the field, such as the benefits of social commitment (avoiding the depopulation of inland municipalities by generating work) and those of an economic nature (producers must have a profit in accordance with their work and investment).

The cultivation of fruits and vegetables is an important resource that contributes to the economic profitability of the area.