Sello de Calidad de Andalucía: Productos Cárnicos

In Andalusia we have goats, sheep, cattle, poultry and pigs and a huge number of native breeds in all livestock species. 

The forests, mountain ranges and natural spaces that form the backbone of Andalusia, a peaceful and noble landscape, is where the animals find their paradise, to provide the highest quality meat products.

The largest humanized forest, the pastureland

Recipes and methods, from generation to generation

All this diversity results in an enormous potential of meat products, both fresh and processed, guaranteed by the high food safety standards that exist in Andalusia.

Among all the sausages and salted meats, a gastronomic symbol would be the Iberian acorn-fed ham. Its extensive management and feeding based on acorns and pastures, gives rise to the most sought-after products, not only for its exceptional aroma, texture and flavor, but also for its nutritional value and healthy characteristics.

gastronomic symbol

Improved animal welfare and sustainable production systems translate into higher product quality.

The dehesa is a unique example of sustainable use of the land, where in addition to livestock, beekeeping, hunting and the production of wood and cork are also practiced.

The first in organic meat production in Spain.