Agriculture welcomes new pioneering companies adhering to Gusto del Sur at Madrid Fusión



Welcome to Gusto del Sur pioneering companies at Madrid Fusión 2024.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development welcomes new pioneering companies adhering to the quality agri-food brand Gusto del Sur in an event organized during the celebration of the fair Madrid Fusion.

The event will be attended by the Director General of Industries, Innovation and Agri-Food Chain, Cristina de Toro, who will be responsible for delivering the welcome boxes to new companies to Gusto del Sur. The event will take place at 13.10 hours in the Tabanco space of the Andalusian stand, located in Pavilion 14 of Ifema in Madrid Fusion.

The Junta de Andalucía recognizes new companies that are already part of Gusto del Sur. Specifically, these are 14 Andalusian firms: Aceites Cazorla, Aceites Echinac, Aceites Guadalquivir, Aceitunas y Encurtidos Bravo, Anpasol, Comerandalus, Dimobe, Finca Cuatro Vientos, Inés Rosales, Peña de Baena, La Bética Aceitera, San Isidro Labrador, Salazones Herpac and Virgen de la Estrella.

Since the approval of the Gusto del Sur brand in June 2023, more than 45 companies and 140 products from all sectors and subsectors of activity have already joined, which demonstrates the great acceptance of the Andalusian business community.

Gusto del Sur at Madrid Fusion

In addition to the delivery of the welcome box to the entrepreneurs, Gusto del Sur has its own program of activities for the three days that Madrid Fusion is held, from January 29 to 31. Currently, this fair is one of the most important gastronomy fairs in the world.

The Regional Ministry will promote the adhesion to the agri-food quality brand Gusto del Sur in Madrid Fusion and will also promote Andalusian gastronomy with food and beverages of differentiated quality through the various activities scheduled in the Tabanco space.

Each day there will be a Gusto del Sur gastronomic experience led by chefs José Álvarez (La Costa-Almería), Juan Pedro Ortiz (Faralá-Granada), Juan Carlos García (Vandelvira-Jaén), Juan José Mesa (Radis-Jaén), Periko Ortega (ReComiendo-Córdoba) and José Luis Fernández (El Espejo-Cádiz).

Similarly, Gusto del Sur will sponsor the Sala Revelación 2024 Award, which Madrid Fusión will grant for the first time in its 22nd edition. The award will recognize the work of a young professional who stands out for his or her ability to manage the service in the dining room of any type of restaurant. 

About Gusto del Sur

Gusto del Sur is the brand with which the Junta de Andalucía identifies food and beverages of differentiated quality, helps consumers to recognize them thanks to the labeling on packaging, improves the competitiveness of the sector and promotes marketing and internationalization. It is a brand that the Board makes available to the sector to give a new impetus to the agri-food sector in Andalusia.

Gusto del Sur is open to products under Protected Designations of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indications (PGI), Special Traditional Guaranteed (TSG), artisan products, organic and integrated production products, products from recognized private protocols, among others.

Entrepreneurs authorized to use the brand will be able to use it on their packaging, thus adding value to their products and facilitating the consumer's purchasing decision. To join Gusto del Sur, the Junta de Andalucía has simplified the administrative process which can be accessed through the web